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Need For Speed Undercover

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Need For Speed Undercover

Message par Ouss_sk8 ™ le Mar 18 Nov - 2:37

4 Cool 7 fais toi plaiz a bord de ta ..... VROM VROM

Need For Speed Undercover CLONEDVD + se**** + cr*** (ENG)

* Descriptif :Need for Speed Undercover est un jeu de course
sur PC. Les poursuites avec les voitures de police sont de
retour dans cet opus définitivement orienté vers action.
L'histoire profite de la présence de la star de cinéma Maggie
Q qui joue en effet le personnage principal dans les
séquences narratives tournées en live.
* Editeur : Electronic Arts
* Développeur : Electronic Arts
* Type : Course / Action
* Sortie France : 20 novembre 2008
(18 novembre 2008 aux Etats-Unis)



General Information
Release Day..........: 17/11/2008
Genre................: Simulator/Race
Size.................: DVD9 (7GiB)
Published............: EA Games
Developed............: EA Black Box
Platforms............: PC/Windows

Post Information
Posted by............: TeamGRiD
Posted on............: 13/11/2008

Game Notes
1.Mount with DT 4.06
2.Install the game
3.Use this se**** - D5XD-ZXCS-PDBS-PSWV-13DPS-JGFC-CMS1
4.Run yasu from DT directory
5.Play and EnJo3 by TeamGRiD (GRiD) (WE ARE NON SCENE GROUP)
Game Info
The game's story mode sets the player in the story as a police officer going undercover
into the criminal underground of Tri-City, a fictional city where the game is set.Players
will take on dangerous jobs and compete in races in order to infiltrate and take down
a ruthless international crime smuggling syndicate of street racers and car thieves.
The player's only contact to the police is federal handler Chase Linh, played by Maggie
Q. Another named police officer is Lt. Keller.[16]Recently EA revealed some new plot
details of Undercover. A video shows the player evading capture from the Tri-City Police
Department (TCPD). The player was aided by detective Chase Linh.[17] Aswell, six criminal
characters named Carmen, Chau Wu, "G-Mac" (a defector from the TCPD), Hector
Maio, "Nickel", and Zack Maio have been introduced. There are three other characters to note
Jonathon Cross is listed as an acquaintance to "G-Mac", yet not much is known about him at
this time; and Isabel "Izzy" Diaz, one of the "Blacklist" members in Most Wanted, and Caleb
Reece , the main antagonist in Underground 2, are listed as acquaintances to Hector Maio.[18]
Group Greets

SafeDisc 4 Hider 1.0, aka sd4hide or sd4hide.exe, is a program developed by Skull.

can use it to play with legal images (backups stored on your hard
drive) of your games. It helps you to circumvent the SafeDisc 4
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Anyway, to play games with sd4hide you need to do the following:

# Mount the image in Daemon Tools
# Run sd4hide.exe
Press "Hide", sd4hide makes a small adjustment to a Windows registry
setting and now you can play. The program also saves a small backup to
restore the registry setting.
# After playing click on "Restore" and close sd4hide.

It's quite simple to use, but in order to run it you'll need Administrator rights on your computer. Otherwise it may not work.

is used in combination with Daemon Tools, although it's may work with
other tools too. Daemon Tools is a program which enables you to load
images, or clones, of games (and other software) in virtual drives.

of sd4hide.exe you can also use Anti-Blaxx but I prefer using sd4hide
because it's a lot easier to use. But the advantage of Anti Blaxx is
that it's compatible with other technologies such as SecuROM 4-7,
Protect CD V5 and JoWood X-Protect.

Exigences minimales
* OS: Windows XP SP3 or Vista SP1
* CPU: Intel Pentium 4 (or equivalent) CPU - 2.8 Ghz or higher
(3.0GHz on Windows Vista)
* Graphics: 128MB Video Card - Recommended cards include
the Geforce 6500, Radeon 9500 or better DirectX compliant
card with Pixel shader 2.0 or above (AGP and PCI-Express
* DirectX: 9.0c
* HDD: 5.5 GB Free Space (minimum)
* DVD-Drive: 8x
* Multiplayer: Broadband Connection and Network Interface

Lien direct:


pass : ReD[/center]

Ouss_sk8 ™

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Re: Need For Speed Undercover

Message par 407 le Mar 18 Nov - 12:37

m3allim merci ouss, surtout que le dernier need 4 speed ne m'a pas trop plu, j'espère qu'il vont se rattraper avec cette version 4:good:7



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